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Vinyl & Leather Renew VLR

Anthony Taylor

I love textiles! After 25 years in the upholstery industry I've learned a thing or two. 

Please let me know your concerns. I'm sure we can determine a solution that works for you.

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Growing up around textile craftsmen, I would watch as they meticulously worked their craft. I continued in the trade myself. It was while working as an Interior Specialist on Lear Business Jets that I noticed a niche market for vinyl and leather repair and recolor. I found this especially true in the Medical and Hospitality Industry. Hence, VLR was born. Today we renew, repair, recolor, and recover anything from a favorite piece of furniture in your home to a medical exam table to a restaurant booth; from your office to an airplane, boat, auto, or RV.

Please call or email us for a free quote 

(503) 967-8777

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Vinyl & Leather Renew specializes in Vinyl and Leather renewal, repair, recolor, and recovering. We make tears, holes, cracks, and rough spots go away using a lifetime of upholstery repair techniques and quality materials. Renewal is very cost effective compared to new with minimal waste. At VLR, we strive for a near invisible repair. We come to you for your added convenience!